What is human life all about?

Roy Baumeister is a social psychologist who explores how we think about the self, and why we feel and act the way we do. He is especially known for his work on the subjects of willpower, self-control, and self-esteem, and how they relate to human morality and success.




Current Research

Self Control and Decision Making

How do people regulate their emotions, resist temptation, break bad habits, and perform up to their potential and why do they often fail to do so?

The Need to Belong

How do people react to being rejected or excluded from social groups? How do they respond to romantic heartbreak? 

Human Sexuality

How do nature and culture influence people's sex drive, rape and sexual coercion, and the cultural suppression of female sexuality. How do couples negotiate their sexual patterns? 

Irrationality and Self-Destructive Behavior

Why do people do stupid things? Self-defeating behavior is the essence of irrationality.

Consciousness and Free Will

What role do conscious processes play in how people decide their actions? Does emotion cause behavior? Is the conscious experience of free choice an illusion?